“Solucija” the first member of our community

30 11 2007

First template with Solucija.comJust a few days ago we started conversations with Luka Cvrk, he is a freelance designer known for many great and free CSS templates.

This cooperation is bringing concrete results. Very soon we will be publishing 2 CSS templates sponsored by B4Contact. One of them is the image you can see on the left side.

If you are a Web designer feel free to let a comment or contact me, I will be looking forward for a successful cooperation with you as well!

You can see more about Solucija here.


Sponsorship for developing a CSS web site template

18 11 2007

What about having available more design templates for web sites?

In B4Contact we are interested to sponsor the development of a CSS web template (new one) and then share it to the community. you can use a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License so all the users would know who is the designer but at the same time they could use it for commercial purposes and for transforming it in something different.

If interested just contact me writing to jose.morales (at) b4contact.com

here there is a list of other sources of templates:

  1. Solucija
  2. Andreas Viklund
  3. templateworld (they are not free)

We would share the templates in this Blog.