2009 plans: free hosting for Web designers.

19 03 2009

This year, as you know very well, started with big news about the economy. After a couple of months of adjustments and planning I’m feeling confident to start sharing some of the plans we have for our community of Web designers.

As you may know, B4Contact, works for long time with SharePoint and offers SharePoint hosting. Currently we host more than 15% of the schools in Slovenia and we have customers from many different countries and activities. Thousands of users are working with us.

This year we wish to be very proactive in offering our hosting service and we don’t want to let designers our of the scope.

SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration and project management. There you can create sites for your customers so they can see the progress on the project, download documents, upload texts, images, etc. SharePoint can notify you by email when one of your customers requires something. Apart of that, SharePoint can help you to manage your business; there you can keep track of your expenses, paid or unpaid invoices, database of customers, etc.

We would like to offer 50 Web sites for qualified Web designers. Totally free.

Why? Simple, because we believe that if you learn to use it for yourself you could get interested in offering your Web sites with our hosting services.

The 50 Web sites will be provided to the selected designers together with an online workshop (1 hour) so you could learn to use SharePoint.

if you are interested send me an email to jose.morales at b4contact.com

Be sure to include a link to your Web site, Blog and link to your portfolio.




27 responses

27 03 2009
Ival | Surigao Affordable Website Design

Wow! That is a very good offer. Definetely one of the help tools for us web designers.

6 06 2009
website builder

50 Web sites for qualified Web designers?? FREE?? Great things happening here. Thanx!

28 06 2009

Thanks for a intresting read, always learn something new and I will return to your blog. Thank You

1 07 2009

Great article… Thanks for share it. I love visiting your site…

21 10 2009
Sullivan Web Development

Fantastic offer, expect an email from me post haste! Love free hosting, but then again, who doesn’t? haha

Sullivan Web Development

3 11 2009

Finding a good web host for your blog or other website interest is hard sometimes but with our Free Trial at no cost to you search for a host is no longer hard to do. Just go to our site and pick from the many easy to setup plans even if you don’t have a domain name yet we can still help and get you up and runing in no time. Our 24/7 support is always ready to help you find what you need, just visit the site now and have your web hosting life made simple.

11 11 2009

Are there any available free plans?
Thank you.

13 11 2009

Great things happening here. Thanx! for

5 12 2009

Nice offer really. Will try to send e-mail. Really awesome!

18 12 2009
Website Design Sydney

Web Hosting searches to find the right web hosting plan are easy with the fully .

26 01 2010
Unmanaged VPS

This is a great offer. Is it still available

29 01 2010
Jose Antonio Morales

There is always a chance 🙂

1 03 2010

nice and cool site, easy to understand articles and very informative

3 03 2010

Information is perfect, give answers

8 03 2010
Andrea Vee | Web Design Lisburn

Really nice offer!!! It should put me in a good mood, but let me get something off my chest! I think web designers need to start thinking creatively, and with their customers’ best interests in mind. Using css galleries and website portfolios to generate ideas (and steal concepts) is just lessening the impact truly amazing web design could have. We all need to be unique, insightful, and most of all CREATIVE!

1 05 2010
ibrahim saraçoğlu

Great article, Thanks for share it. I love visiting your site!

25 05 2010
Andre Brown

hey… really fantastic offer……. thanks for offer,,,,,

27 06 2010
Rob @ interkiwiwebdevelopers

Thanks for the post, I like to find inspiring ideas and practical knowledge to help bolster my own awareness for web design and development in general. Blogs like yours are a great source of inspiration for me and I will keep an eye open (on your rss feed) for more of your brilliant posts. Cheers!

1 07 2010
Neil Web

Great articles, I will be returning to this blog!! 🙂

8 07 2010
Kevin Web

The articles are really beneficial, especially for people looking to learn web design skills!

21 12 2010
Danny Michael

Great post guys, free hosting for web designers is always great news to hear. Truly a website is as good as the leads it generates, or the sales it brings in. Uniquely optimized web development and affordable web design solutions we create for you bring results. Contact us if you would like a consultation about web design or a highly optimized web development project.

23 01 2011
Jose Antonio Morales

Danny, from the time I made the offer I got no designer requesting for the free hosting. Looks to me that hosting isn’t a real issue or critical factor for designers to make their work.

22 01 2011
Lucas Raby

Hi guys, thanks for the post…I am always on the look out for free templates and free stuff for web design to save on costs. I run a web design company that specialise in helping startup and small businesses get online, we offer Free Web Design to our potential clients as long as they allow us to promote their website on Google. All they pay for is the promotion side of things! They also get a free domain name, free web hosting and free business email addresses to help with the branding and communication side of things. Resources like these are a great starting point for me when building free websites for our clients, it gives us a good solid platform to start from with their website and also helps keeps the costs down for the client.

Thanks for the post,


23 01 2011
Jose Antonio Morales

Thanks for sharing Lucas, I think you have a good approach for your business!

22 03 2011

Thanks for sharing, useful article 🙂

20 10 2012
anonHTML.co.cc - Anonymous web hosting

Who doesn’t love free hosting!

31 12 2012

Very informative thanks a lot for sharing. Is the offer of free web hosting still standing because i am aweb developer from South Africa, Having some extra free space for hosting will be nice.

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