2010 and many changes

7 03 2010

This Blog was born with the intention of building a community of designers interested to cooperate and share different skills.

Basically I got in touch with many people and also I got thousands of downloads for the templates we publish here.

But the community of designers is still far from being an achievement. Please feel free to suggest your ideas on how to make it real!

So far this year is going pretty well in contrast with 2009. But anyway the budget cuts are still taking effect and bandwidth for investments on my side are very short. So I would like to offer the following ideas:

  1. If you are making free templates (Creative Commons) I can provide you with free hosting for them.
  2. If you would like to promote your site, blog or business, I could publish a profile of your company here.
  3. If you won an award or you have a new known customer, we could publish here an article about your success!

Of course in all the  cases I would have to select which contents to publish. During the life of this Blog I found a lot of spam attempts.

What do you think?




2 responses

24 03 2010

god luck mate 😉

12 03 2011
Diseño Web Tarragona

It was interesting your article, has many things that are true and that also share. Good blog, please continue on this line.

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