More templates!

19 03 2009

Internet Encyclopedia

Happy template

One new CSS free template!

16 06 2008

I’m very happy to annoucen that we have a new member for “Web designers Sharing Point”, I’m talking about Roshan Ravi. He comes from India and as you can see on his Web site he has a very creative approach to Web design.
Please feel free to download this first template!

Preview it: here.
Download it: here.

Watch this! and Gentle Wiki templates ready!

5 06 2008

Working with Luka is becoming really productive! I would like to show you 2 more free CSS templates to download:

Watchthis! Gentle Wiki

View demo: Whatch This! Download
View demo: Gentle Wiki Download

2 new free CSS templates

18 03 2008

Just yesterday we received 2 more templates from Luka Cvrk! I think they look very good. I hope all of you will like them!

  1. Interactive Media: download it ; check a sample

Interactive_media   Concept Nova

Our second member on board: Andreas Viklund

8 03 2008


Our “Web Designers Sharing Point” is moving forward. I’m very glad to announce that Andreas Viklund is now part of the team.

Making designers to believe that the offer of this Blog is real and honest is truly a matter of time. Definitively getting professionals to participate is an interesting task.

Andreas is a well known web designer of CSS templates and recognized developer of some very well used WordPress themes.

Stay tuned, soon we will be posting new free templates for you to download.

Free CSS templates

18 12 2007

Finally this holidays season is calming down the amount of work and I have a time to sit down and publish our first 2 templates. They were developed by Luka Cvrk from and sponsored by B4Contact.

feel free to download them and share with us your comments. Don’t forget that if you wish to develop CSS templates we can sponsor you!

  1. Internet Studio: DownloadCheck sample
  2. Small Corporation: DownloadCheck sample

Sponsorship for developing a CSS web site template

18 11 2007

What about having available more design templates for web sites?

In B4Contact we are interested to sponsor the development of a CSS web template (new one) and then share it to the community. you can use a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License so all the users would know who is the designer but at the same time they could use it for commercial purposes and for transforming it in something different.

If interested just contact me writing to jose.morales (at)

here there is a list of other sources of templates:

  1. Solucija
  2. Andreas Viklund
  3. templateworld (they are not free)

We would share the templates in this Blog.