So, what is this about?


I’m working in the IT industry and involved in web design from the “beginning” and I had contact permanently with web designers and graphic designers.Even my company is a web company, we have no professional designers in the team. Design is one weakness for us.

The contradiction is that we love design and understand its role. We get exited with the possibilities of new technologies but we get frustrated with our lack of skills in that area. Even though we are very innovative and creative.

So, we asked ourselves, how to solve the situation?

We have decided to create this community site were we could offer what we know and what we have. By principle that combination of skills and infrastructure can be beneficial for all. The “Web Designers Sharing Point” is a place on the internet where to join and share our successes and were to get mutual benefits.

This community have no commercial interest, but the relationships formed here can create business opportunities; that’s normal right?


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15 04 2008
Courtland Santos

I truly like your CSS Web templates, to me I think they are above most of the sites I’ve visited, I will certainly use it at my new website where I will list the Top 100 Websites. Your site will rank above the top 10 in my site.

17 04 2008
Pamela Jean Owens

I would like to be part of your community. I love grammar and understand its role, and I would like to offer some better standard English editing to the copy on your site. Am I correct that the main writer is an English-as-a-second (or third or more)-language writer? I am an American linguistics pro writer, now working on the web, and I am very committed to the open web. I can’t write fancy beautiful code or do great graphic design, but I can make language sound beautiful as well as functional. Cleaner grammar gives cleaner communication. If you think I can help, please be in touch. — Pamela

18 04 2008
Jose Antonio Morales

Hi Pamela!
It is true, my main language is Spanish. Your suggestions will be welcome in order to improve this web site.
I will contact you to understand how you could participate in our community. Kind regards,

Jose Antonio

29 01 2010
Jose Antonio Morales

What wonders my mind is why a Web “designer” such as yourself is using someone else’s theme and why that same designer designs sites for con artists suck as Robert W. Wilder aka Tim Giffey aka Steven Keltsch. Pleas, post back, I’ll be checking for your replay. Thanks

29 01 2010
Jose Antonio Morales

Hi, actually I’m not a Web designer, even I would love to be.
I found out that many people is better than me at designing and that I’m better than many at creativity for example. So by building a community I’m capable of mixing much more richness to whatever I would like to do.
The Web is my world and I wish to work in great projects and great people.

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