Web design and open source

9 10 2007

I’m very surprised to find in many places on the Internet so many sources of free templates, themes and graphic design for web sites. What made me think is that that kind of open source and free templates are definitively a problem for commercial designers. Then I found that I’m wrong.

When visiting some of the better elaborated works I found that the designers are actually making free and open source high quality templates only for promotion. On their web sites it is possible to see many great samples of their commercial work and it is really amazing what they are doing.

But until now looks like I said nothing new. Of course they can make free templates for promotion. But the huge difference with other kind of open source initiative is that the high quality is so obvious, because is graphical and visible in opposition to code development for example, that their templates can get famous very fast and that can offer designers many great possibilities. This is the case of WordPress themes and other kind of highly used services online.

Open source templates can help other professionals, like web developers, to use graphic design with correct code and integrate it with their web applications. One good sample of that is www.b4business.si, a community site in Slovenian language that uses an open source template (the same that this Blog is using!). What is different? The template is now integrated with a CMS system and instead of working in PHP works perfectly with .NET technologies. All the contents of the page are editable using the browser, no need of HTML or programming knowledge.

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